Friday, 25 March 2011

Being A Girl Sucks Sometimes...

Yes I am talking about that.

You get your levels just where you want them throughout the day and then suddenly 12.4 pops up for no reason. My mind starts thinking what I've eaten, how much I've injected or maybe I've caught a cold bug? Then the penny drops.

Being a girl sucks a lot.

I hate the effect on my sugars, it drives me insane nearly every time!! I can go from 12 to 4 in a couple of hours or even climb 4mmol in under an hour despite some extra insulin on board. I think thats what caused the hypo's in the last few days, which lowered my meters 14 day average :(

On the plus side I've been off work all week so have been doing more exercise, using the Wii and having a wander in the woods. Think I actually caught the sun as well today! Also ordered myself a Zumba fitness workout on the Wii which looks soooo much fun. Really hope the weathers this nice for the forum meet in a couple of weeks :) Luckily my all over the shop levels will be over by then.. awoohoooo



Scully said...

I have come to realize... through the past few months that we.. um.. have the same cycle. :) It seems we suffer these highs at the same time. But do you know what? this month for me has been so weird. I usually jump up during the day and normal at night but this past week has been all highs all night long and normal days! WTF!
and btw, I have the zumba for wii and it's pretty good! I thought there would be more "wii" involvement but there isn't which was a bit of a shame. ENJOY IT! let me know what you think.

Emma said...

Haha we're cycle buddies!! I'm getting that a bit too, mid teens in the morning then 5-9 for the rest of the day.
Did look at the Zumba package deal but thought it was a bit much when I just wanna try it.. can't wait!! :)

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