Monday, 9 May 2011

#1 Admiring Our Differences

It's D Blog Week!! If you'd like to take part, it's not too late! Just nip over to Bitter~Sweet and add your name to the Participant list then add your post to the post link page. Or just click the button below :)

It's my first time taking part in D Blog week so here goes nothing....

Today let’s talk about how great it is to learn from the perspectives of those unlike us!  Have you learned new things from your T2 friends?  Are D-Parents your heroes?  Do LADA blogs give you insight to another diagnosis story?  Do T1s who’ve lived well with diabetes since childhood give you hope? Pick a type of blogger who is different from you and tell us why they inspire you - why you admire them - why it’s great that we are all the same but different!!

I don't think I can pick just one type of blogger who is different from me that also inspires me, we're all so different from one another and manage to cope with everything that D throws at us with strength and determination!
I've only just started reading D-Parent blogs and it's interesting to see what D is like from a non-D person! A recent post I read over at Princess and the Pump really opened my eyes as to what D-Parents go through with their kidlings, and I had to grab tissues!
The thought of not being able to take this crappy illness away from your little one must be incredibly upsetting and frustrating. I struggle quite a bit with all of the various aspects of D and that's MY own body, never-mind another human being who's still growing and developing! Seeing posts like that makes me appreciate the fact that my parents didn't have to deal with testing me, injecting me and working out my diet. Although it would help if they understood it more, I wouldn't wish the worry and anguish on them. They do enough of it now and I'm 21!
D-Parents you do an amazing job kicking D's butt and trying to help your son/daughter lead as normal life as possible!
Maybe in a few years time they'll be taking part in D Blog Week and telling everyone that you inspired them to take better care of themselves :)


George said...

I love the idea of those little ones getting involved in the OC some day! I wish I had it to help me along the 20 years I have had type 1, that is for sure!

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