Saturday, 14 May 2011

#5 Awesome Things!

In February the #dsma blog carnival challenged us to write about the most awesome thing we’d done DESPITE diabetes.  Today let’s put a twist on that topic and focus on the good things diabetes has brought us.  What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes?  After all, like my blog header says, life with diabetes isn’t all bad!
This was my original answer to the February blog carnival...
"The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is...."
yet to come! i've only had diabetes for around 18 months (officially) and yes i'm still here, not totally insane, getting used to the appointments, carb math, testing etc. i'm going to florida in may this year which will be my first holiday away as a diabetic, as i've mentioned before my last holiday was a few weeks before my diagnosis so it wasn't a great time :(
i'm hoping to do lots of awesome things in the future, some of them little like injecting in public or some of them big like going abroad for 2 weeks or going to a My Chemical Romance concert in 2 weeks time ^.^

who knows what the future holds? :)
I'm going to change/edit this a little bit because one of the comments on my post pointed out that I'd already done lots of awesome things, like getting through the past 18 months or so without having a meltdown! I'm still learning about D and I imagine I still will be until I'm a wrinkly but I'm going with it and hopping on the glucoaster!
The awesome things that I've done this year so far are going to my first gig (sugars did shoot up after with the adrenaline but totally worth it!) and going to my first forum meet last month. I'm also a bit more confident with my jabs, I actually did it at a restaurant in front of everyone and it felt pretty good :) My holiday is also coming up soon which will be my first one with D but I'm going to take each day as it comes and test, test and test again!


Sara said...

Every day we survive and do the things we want to do is an "awesome" day with diabetes! Keep going!

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