Monday, 2 May 2011

Going Across The Pond: The Exits Are Here, Here and Here

So it's not long till I go away on holiday now, not sure how I'm feeling about it all yet, bit muddled. I'm obviously happy and excited to go, the last time we went I was really ill so didn't enjoy it at all. Drank about 8 bottles of apple & blackcurrant squash (the one you add water to) and chocolate milk.

Thought of both of those just makes me wanna gag.

The last day of the holiday we went to the Magic Kingdon then back to the airport and I felt like shit. I can vaguely remember my mum trying to buy something from a crowded gift shop tipping out all her spare change which pissed off me off majorly to the point where I walked out of the shop. I was probably as high as a kite and just layed on the aiport floor for ages feeling weird and wanting to sleep.

Now I'll be feeling 100% better but there's soo much to think about without actually doing anything D related..

Copies of prescriptions, insulin boxes, letters from Doctors, where to put my insulin, where to put stuff so they can see/scan it easily, insurance, time difference, weather, exercise... it's a bit of a brain scramble!

I've been doing my research into the who, what, where and why but if you have any useful tips or advice please just leave me a comment, it'll be hugely appreciated <3

Our suitcases came down from the loft yesterday and I'm half-packed already! Found my SeaWorld drink bottle and my Disney poncho which me looks like Big Bird (it's big enough for about 2-3 people) BUT it keeps me dry! xD

Looking forward to no work, great weather, getting a tan(!), seeing all the new rides, trying proper cupcakes and (phone/time permitting) taking part in DSMA on twitter!

Not long now!!! I'm going to be such a pain in the arse at work for the next few days :D



Scully said...

Wow, so exciting! Don't fret too much about the diabetes monster. You're on vacation!
Have insulin, will travel!

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