Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Disney's Newest Ride.... The Glucoaster!

I've been a naughty blogger recently *slaps wrist* Not really wanting to post about my D experience abroad but knowing that it'll help in the long run... so put it off for a few days.

Apologies in advance for a more serious, negative post!

As some of you know, on my last holiday to Florida I was a few weeks away from being diagnosed with D so felt pretty awful for the majority of our trip. This time I was extremely nervous/anxious about travelling with D and how it would behave.

Before going, people said that I'd have to reduce my insulin because of heat absorption, exercise etc. So on my first proper day in the Sunshine State that's what I decided to do (trying to be one step ahead). D didn't like that at all, and despite a good walk around Universal Studios for over half a day my sugars sky rocketed. Admittedly I did have a cooked breakfast from a Ponderosa (which was soooooo good) but not an American portion!

This is how my body continued to deal with the increasing heat for the rest of my trip. I quickly upped my dose and tried to stick to some sort of routine with meal times (which isn't really what you want on holiday). But my parents (Super D-Rents) were great about it and really supportive. Stopping every now and then in the shade so I could test and correct and finding places that didn't just serve burgers and fries.

I'd love to say that I kicked D's arse into utter submission but I didn't. I folded and broke down more and more. I hated it more than ever, knowing this time what was wrong with me but not being able to fix it. Constantly testing and correcting meant my fingers were sore and my stomache was covered in tiny bruises. My patience wore thin and by the end of an evening I got snappy or emotional. At one point I asked my parents to hit me over the head with a shovel and have done with it. Funny now looking back but at the time I really meant it.

Almost a week later and today I've had all readings under 10mmol for the first time since I went away so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm getting back on track..

This isn't to say my holiday was a complete wash-out!

The time in-between testing was great and it was great being back in Orlando and apart from worrying about me, my parents also had a great time :) I went on lots of rides that I haven't before (insane waiting times ruled out Harry Potter rides/shops which was a complete bummer) and even held a little alligator called Oscar!

My Frio bags worked a treat to and from the UK and during my entire holiday the only reason for being stopped was for having suncream in my handbag at Orlando airport! Felt like a non-D person not being stopped for having pens & needles in my manbag which was nice :)

I think it'll be a while before I go anywhere long haul again, but at least I can say I had a go and learnt from it..

Our gangsta style Cadillac hire car!

Kicking the D!

Cupcake with sprinkles!
How not to decorate your car?


Un-Apologetic Diabetic said...

It's murphy's law for "D" to throw a tantrum when you try to go on vacation. Glad you were able to have some fun, even holding an alligator! Nice!!!

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