Saturday, 18 December 2010

Gaahh stupid D!!

Hi folks

Hope you're all surviving the cold & snow!

I think I jinxed myself with my earlier post about how pleased I was with my blood sugars... today has been very confusing/frustrating!!!

All because of shower gel....

I had no idea that something like shower gel could affect your blood sugar so much! But apparently so. Tested after I'd finished drying my hair and nearly fell off my bed when I got a reading of 20!!! Tested again after 10 minuted and got a 16.4, realised the last time I tested shortly after a using the same shower gel my readings were high so I waited a while before testing again. 18!!! Couldn't believe it!

Thought sod it, I'm hungry so had my lunch & carb counted for it. Checked within half an hour and it was 13.4.

Confused is an understatement!!

6.3 this evening so I'm hoping that it was just the stupid shower coconut shower gel and not the dreaded lurgy coming back to haunt me..

Sorry for the rant but the D has really bugged the crap out of me today!!




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