Wednesday, 15 December 2010

*jab* OUCHIES!!!!!!

Hi folks *waves*

Hope you're all well and getting ready for Mr Claus next week! :)

So far I'm having a good week sugar wise, with more readings under 10 (even in the morning!) which I'm really pleased with. Love love love my carb counting book!! I'm remembering stuff now so I can take a rough guess when I'm out & about and I'm not too far off. If you don't own a carb counting book then look at the Amazon widget over here -->

My diabetic spidey senses are starting to work!!!

Anyways back to the point of my blog XP today was my blood test before my 4-monthly checkup at the hospital. Every time I go its a pain in the bum, my arteries sense the needle coming and collapse so it takes more than 2 trips to get any blood out. The nurses have even made a note on the system as to where they struck gold last time! I end up with two badly bruised arms unable to move very well & looking like I'm about to do some techno dancing ¬_¬

Today I got the nurse who is great at getting blood out, sweet little sixty-something year old but boy did she jab that needle in!!!! First time worked and it still hurts now (appointment was 9.30am). Got a nice blood blister that hurts like hell. Totally got worked up before hand & I was in and out within a couple of minutes.

Fingers crossed for a lower HbA1c this time... and that I've lost/maintained my weight since my last visit :)

Can't remember exact numbers but its gone from 9.x -> 7.x -> 8.x

Is it just me or does giving blood make you sleepy? *yawns*




Scully said...

Yeah, you're right, you definitely have it harder with the blood suckers!

sorry.. I know it sucks.

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