Saturday, 25 December 2010

Santa gave me the lurgy

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you're all having a lovely day with great levels. I'm pretty full at the minute but haven't scoffed myself into oblivion, few sneaky choccies but apart from that I've been very good!
My levels today so far have been:

Pre-breakfast 6.6 
Pre-Xmas feast 5.4
Post-Xmas feast 6.4

I'm sooo chuffed with that! The advice my DSN gave me about the lantus is *touch wood* still keeping me under 10 on waking levels which is such a nice change from 10-11. Can't remember what my levels were last xmas, will have to have a root around to compare.

Well as the title reads, one of my presents today was the lurgy.

Words cannot describe how much I hate the lurgy. Despise it with a passion.

I know it can't be helped but I mean on Xmas day? Give me a break please! Its the third time I've had it this year, and each time I've been off work for a week or more. Its gotten me a bit upset, which I know is stupid on Xmas Day but I hate knowing how much it drains me for such a long time. I have a sore throat, a headache and feeling grumpy/anti social which isn't right on Xmas!

Drinking lots of fluids and popping the cold & flu tablets like there's no tomorrow so hopefully I can beat this pain in the arse before I go back to work on Wednesday and before NYE. The one god damn year I'm actually going out for NYE as well!!!


Merry Xmas again from moi :)



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