Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Adjusting Course Day One

Finally started my PDAC (Peterborough Dose Adjustment Course) adjusting course on Monday! *does a celebratory jig*

For some reason it felt like I was going to school so I got incredibly nervous beforehand, not knowing what to expect (or if I'd get a slapped wrist for not eating my five a day).

It was a great experience for me and I'm really looking forward to the next three sessions. The course instructors are lovely and very approachable. Keen to listen to our questions/grumbles and tailor the course to our needs.

I'm currently on the course with 5 other people, from the age of 22 to 70 each with different D experiences. Our years with the D range from 37 to less than a year, so it's great swapping stories and learning how people used to treat D before the luxury of insulin pens/pumps and disposable needles! It's like 4 D meets once a week :) Talking about D, testing and injecting at the same time. Feels nice!

The carb counting I'm kinda doing already thanks to my book, but the course has shown that I can do some maths and tweak things a little to hopefully improve my control and reduce my insulin intake slightly :)

Some of the stories I've heard so far have amazed me, one of the people went to the doctors with all of the god awful D symptoms and was told they were depressed and should take a bath.


At that moment I felt so incredibly lucky that the nurse and GP at my local surgery were on the ball and referred me to the hospital. If that had happened to me, my stay at the hospital could have been for much longer.

I've gotten my food diary and also a mood diary to fill in over the next few days to see if there are any patterns/correlations between certain readings and how I'm feeling.

Very much looking forward to the next three sessions and getting that next HbA1c down from 8.0% :)


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