Sunday, 18 September 2011

PDAC Adjusting Course Day Two

Apologies for the delay in posting this! It's been a busy few days with illness, dog walking, fundraising for dogs, more dog walking and some baking!

Last Monday was session two of my course (can't belive I'm halfway through already!) and it was great catching up with everyone to see whats gone on BG wise and how/if people have changed their regime on the new advice they are receiving.

We were told straight away that if we were making big changes, to expect some variety in our results, which a couple of members had in particular as they were almost halving their dose! As I've been carb counting roughly for a few months now I haven't noticed any significant changes other than reducing my insulin by a unit here and there, and also that I really need to improve my diet.

I'm finding the trend spotting incredibly helpful, as I'm finding out other things which could be affecting my readings. Such as.. Lantus for some people doesn't last the full 12+ hours so around early evening, could be wearing off =/

Also the other members of the group going through their readings/queries is showing me what to do if I get into the same situation. Plus I'm finding myself making suggestions of things they could do, ME! xD

As we're such a small group we're bonding a lot more, one of the older gentlemen became a grandfather in the early hours of the same day! We're sharing our D stories, and experiences with medical professionals. Unfortunately some aren't brilliant, being told to check the BS and add more insulin on if its high and knock a bit off if its low.

What kind of use is that really?!

I feel soo luckily that my local GP surgery and hospital take such good care of me. I see them every few months for check-ups and my HbA1c results and they are on-hand should I need to speak to them about any concerns. I've never been brushed off or given ridiculous advice such as 'You don't have Diabetes, just take a bath'.

Tonight I uploaded my meter results and pulled off this, which I'm very happy with right now :)

I was terrified that my two weeks in the USA would spoil things for some reason, but everyone's going to have weeks with highs and then with lows. That green part is steadily increasing so I'm happy with what I'm doing right now, and can't wait till next month!

Bring it on baby!!


Scully said...

Way to go Emma! I think my green part would probably look like your orange part lately. Your experience sounds wonderful.

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