Thursday, 1 September 2011

Diabetes Art Day 2011

Today is Diabetes Art Day!

Started last year by the lovely Lee Ann Thill at The Butter Compartment this encourages the DOC to get creative using from everything from cupcakes to D supplies!

As this is my first year participating, I've snuck in two pictures.

Today has been scuppered by the Diabetes Fairy and hypo's, which has heavily influenced the pictures I've created/used!

If you're feeling arty and would like to participate then please visit the Diabetes Art Day site for more details and to see everyone's awesome creations :)

P.S It's supposed to be the D Fairy's wand. Kinda looks like she's trying to escape from the paper....


The DL said...

I love it! So creative and cute :) I have to come up with something too!

shannon said...

both pics are great! it looks like the fairy's getting ready to give you a shot! ;) thanks for sharing!

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