Friday, 30 September 2011

PDAC Adjusting Course Day Four

Monday was my last day of the PDAC course :(
Those four days went far too quickly, and I'm going to miss my Mondays off..

It's been brilliant meeting new people in similar situations with the D, watching how they've completely changed their regime in order to improve/gain control.

For me it was about stabilising my levels so it's not quite such a bumpy ride throughout the week. My books have helped me guesstimate the carbs in food, however it needed a little more fine tuning which I think the course has given me. The dietician said I need to be a little more of a round-down kinda girl :)

My diet needing a kick up the jacksy, I already knew so I am trying to up my fruit and veg intake again. Saying yes to the green stuff rather than 'Um, maybe next time..' I'm still finding things that are equivalent to 1 of my 5 a day.. but at least I'm trying, right?

I also found out that I could have caused my own high sugars whilst on holiday earlier this year! They suggested rather than adjusting my Lantus each day to get into the US timezone to do it in 2 blocks so my body gets used to it quicker. My way would have just settled as we were coming home, only to be changed back on to UK time! *GAHHH*

At least I know for next time! Plus it's put my mind at rest, as I was a little wary of travelling abroad again.. =/

Learning about the complications of D was a little rough, but something that needed to be done. We're all told by the media, or relatives, about that uncle twice removed who lost his life or limbs to D but nothing else. The consultant who paid us a visit was quick to say that the majority of cases he has seen, the people involved were smokers. Something that isn't usually reported as far as I've seen. As long as we keep control of the D, have regular check-ups, screenings and HbA1c tests then the complications will be lurking in the background but nothing serious.

I just wish they did a '1 Year Renuion' for PDAC alumni! :D

Here's hoping that the course is a good influence on my next HbA1c x


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